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You will find below a link to download the brochure with the detailed description of the two locations - Sumba, Hameli Ate or Karoso beach -, as well as the price list.

Next Destination was created by the hospitality company The Frenchman, developing hotels in Southeast Asia. While acquiring important parcels of land for our hotel projects, we get access to the best prices and the insider information on the location. We use our legal team to ensure the clarity of ownership and the compliance of the documents. 

We currently develop a 47-room and 20-villa hotel in Karoso ( - a few kilometers away from Hameli Ate. We expect opening in late 2022. This project will bring a big change to this part of Sumba, attracting tourists, new businesses, and hence incrementing value of the land in Hameli Ate.


Contact us to ask any question about Hameli Ate, Karoso, Sumba or land ownership in Indonesia.


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