Next Destination was founded to give international buyers access to the most promising and hidden beachfront real estate in Indonesia. We conduct extensive market studies in order to forecast developments in Indonesian tourism outside the well-known tourist hubs like Bali.

Our team of European experts, based in Indonesia, is traveling the archipelago in search of the gems that will become tomorrow’s hottest destinations.



We are experts in the Indonesian real estate market

Using our in-depth knowledge of our target islands and our insider information regarding infrastructure development (e.g. planned building of new roads), we are able to find and negotiate for the most interesting plots going. By purchasing large plots of land, we are able to decrease prices and offer our clients the best prices available on the market. 

We conduct the full legal due diligence to ensure that every plot we sell has a perfectly clear ownership.


In compliance with Indonesian law that prohibits the direct ownership of land by foreigners, we propose a 90-years lease to our foreign buyers. The lease agreement provides the buyer with the full rights on usage of his plot - including construction or sale. The lease agreement is the safest legal way to purchase land in Indonesia.